Sewage Submersible Pump Kirloskar 7500 CW 10 HP Kirloskar

Sewage pumping
Dewatering from basements, multi-storeys, shopping malls, godowns
Construction site
Dewatering foundation, trenches and pits
Flood water handling

185,340.00 186,599.00

Introducing the Kirloskar Eterna Sewage Pump, a premium-quality and dependable solution for efficient sewage and wastewater disposal. Crafted with a robust body made of durable cast iron, this pump is engineered to endure the most challenging conditions. The Eterna model is specifically designed for three-phase installations, catering to the needs of industrial and commercial applications. With its powerful 10 HP motor, this pump delivers exceptional performance and efficiency. The vertical installation type ensures easy and convenient placement, optimizing space utilization. The Eterna pump offers a versatile head range varying from 12 to 40 meters, providing a wide range of options to accommodate diverse pumping requirements. Trust the Kirloskar Eterna Sewage Pump for reliable and efficient sewage disposal in various applications.

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