Kirloskar Sparkle self Priming Water Pump 0.5 hp Single Phase

• Water supply to over head tanks in bunglows
• Gardens/ Fountains
• Feed water to RO plants
• Domestic water supply
• Construction site
• Home pressure boosting
• Car washing
• Lawn sprinklers

4,760.00 4,999.00

Optimizing Pump Performance:
To enhance the performance of the pump, it is recommended to fill water into the pump head before use. This practice helps accelerate the flow rate of the inlet and ensures efficient operation. Additionally, using a bigger inlet hose can further improve the pump’s performance.

Convenience and Time-saving Tips:
For your convenience and to save time during subsequent uses, it is advisable to install a check valve at the end of the inlet hose. This valve will prevent water from flowing back, eliminating the need to prime the pump again before each use.

Ensuring Smooth Operation:
During the pump’s operation, it is crucial to ensure that the hose is not blocked or folded, as this can hinder water flow. If your hose is equipped with a non-return valve, ensure that it remains fully submerged in the water to maintain uninterrupted operation.

Cleaning the Pump:
If you need to clean the water from the pump head, simply unscrew the nut on the head. However, it is not necessary to clean it every time you use the pump. The presence of water in the pump head helps facilitate quick priming for subsequent uses.

Important Note:
Please be aware that this pump is not suitable for use with drinkable water. It is designed for other non-potable water applications. Exercise caution and adhere to appropriate guidelines when selecting the water source for this pump.

Maximize the efficiency and convenience of your pumping tasks by following these recommendations. By ensuring proper water filling, maintaining unobstructed hoses, and adopting appropriate cleaning practices, you can optimize the performance and longevity of your pump.

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