Kirloskar Single Phase 0.5 HP Borewell Pump-KU4-0214S-CP A

Domestic and community water supply
Rural water supply
Gardening and small farm irrigation
Construction site
Water supplies for high rise building

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Introducing the Kirloskar Single Phase 0.5 HP Borewell Pump-KU4-0214S-CP A, a reliable and efficient pump designed to meet your water supply needs. This pump, proudly manufactured by Kirloskar, boasts a model number of KU4-0214S-CP A and is built to deliver outstanding performance. With a rating voltage of 220V and a single phase configuration, this pump operates smoothly with a power output of 0.5 HP (0.37 kW).

When it comes to delivering water, the Kirloskar Borewell Pump truly excels. It offers an impressive head range of 23 to 251 meters and a flow range of 5 to 350 liters per minute. The outlet size measures 32 mm, ensuring efficient water distribution. Each unit is carefully packaged and sold individually, and as per the manufacturer’s policy, it comes with a warranty for your peace of mind.

One of the standout features of these pumps is their low power consumption, allowing you to save on energy costs while still achieving optimal performance. The pumps are designed with efficiency in mind, ensuring that every drop of water is utilized effectively. They are compatible with both oil and water-filled motors, making them versatile for various applications.

Thanks to the dynamic balancing of the rotating parts, these pumps operate with minimal vibration and emit lower noise levels. This makes them highly sought-after for both domestic and industrial water supply purposes. Whether you require water for your home, industrial processes, sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, farmhouses, nurseries, gardening, or booster systems, the Kirloskar Borewell Pump is up to the task.

Additionally, this pump features corrosion and abrasion-resistant components, ensuring its longevity and durability even in challenging environments. The pump is lightweight and compact in size, making it easy to install in any desired location. It can be conveniently connected with HDPE, UPVC, or GI pipes, and can even be installed horizontally according to your specific requirements.

The applications for the Kirloskar Borewell Pump are vast and varied. It is ideal for domestic and industrial water supply, including firefighting systems for small and medium-sized plants. It is also highly suitable for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, as well as boosting water pressure in residential and commercial settings. Furthermore, it caters to the needs of farmhouses, nurseries, and gardening enthusiasts who require a reliable water supply.

Invest in the Kirloskar Single Phase 0.5 HP Borewell Pump-KU4-0214S-CP A, and experience its energy efficiency, easy installation, and resistance to corrosion and abrasion. With its excellent performance and versatile applications, this pump is sure to meet your water supply needs efficiently and reliably.

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