Kirloskar KU4 1524T – 5.5 HP, 100 mm, Three Phase Borewell Oil Filled Submersible Pump

Applications :
Domestic and industrial water supply
Firefighting systems for small and medium size plants
Sprinkler and drip irrigation systems
Booster systems
Farmhouse, Nurseries and gardening

40,320.00 41,899.00

Introducing the Kirloskar KU4-1524T pump, a high-performance solution designed to meet your water pumping needs. This pump is equipped with a range of features that ensure efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation.

The Kirloskar KU4-1524T pump is designed with low power consumption in mind, allowing you to save on energy costs while maintaining optimal performance. Its efficient design ensures that water is circulated effectively, while minimizing power usage.

This pump is suitable for both oil-filled and water-filled motors, offering versatility and compatibility with different motor types. Whether you have an oil-filled or water-filled motor, the Kirloskar KU4-1524T pump is designed to seamlessly integrate and deliver exceptional performance.

The pump motor connection follows the NEMA standard, ensuring a secure and reliable electrical connection. This standardized connection enhances overall performance and reliability, allowing the pump to operate consistently and efficiently.

To increase wear resistance and durability, the Kirloskar KU4-1524T pump features a hexa rubber bush and stainless steel sleeve. These components enhance the pump’s ability to withstand wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements.

The inclusion of an NVR (non-return valve) in the discharge outlet prevents backflow and ensures smooth water circulation. This feature safeguards the pump and the system from potential damage, allowing for reliable and uninterrupted operation.

Built with corrosion and abrasion-resistant parts, the Kirloskar KU4-1524T pump is designed to withstand harsh conditions. These robust components ensure reliable performance even in demanding environments, ensuring the longevity of the pump.

Thanks to the dynamic balancing of rotating parts, the pump operates with minimal vibration and lower noise levels. This feature contributes to a quieter and more comfortable pumping experience, indicating smooth and efficient operation.

The pump’s lightweight and compact size make it easy to install in various settings. Its compact design allows for convenient installation, and it can be seamlessly integrated with HDPE, UPVC, or GI pipes, providing flexibility based on your specific requirements.

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