Kirloskar KSMB 220 2HP Monoblock Pump

Pharmaceutical industries
Food processing
Demineralising plant
Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Diary and beverages

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Introducing the Kirloskar stainless steel centrifugal pump, a versatile and reliable solution for various applications. This pump boasts a robust motor power of 2 HP and an impressive head range of 14-22m. With a discharge range of 371-70lpm and a delivery size of 32mm, it efficiently handles diverse fluid transfer requirements.

Belonging to the Centrifugal Pumps category, this pump offers a wide array of options for various purposes. From water, fuel, to air, you can find the ideal centrifugal pump to suit your specific needs. With numerous styles available, the Kirloskar centrifugal pump ensures you will find the perfect match for your pumping requirements. Trust in its performance and stainless steel construction for durability and efficient operation

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