Kirloskar KS6B-0815 Borewell Submersible Pump, Power 7.5hp, Stage 15, Bore Size 150mm, Outlet Size 50mm

Irrigation in (horticulture & agriculture)
Sprinkler and drip irrigation
Water supplies for high rise buildings
Rural water supply
Domestic and community water supply

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Introducing the Kirloskar KS6B-0815 Borewell Submersible Pump, a high-performance water pump that is engineered to meet the diverse needs of borewell applications. With a powerful 7.5 horsepower motor and 15 stages, this pump is designed to deliver reliable and efficient water supply even at considerable depths. Its bore size of 150mm and outlet size of 50mm make it a versatile choice for a wide range of borewell installations.

The Kirloskar KS6B-0815 Borewell Submersible Pump is built to excel in its performance, and it boasts an array of features that ensure optimal efficiency. It operates with high efficiency, maximizing water delivery while minimizing energy consumption, making it an environmentally friendly option.

One of the notable advantages of this pump is its ability to function effectively over a wide voltage range, providing consistent performance even in areas with fluctuating power supply, ensuring uninterrupted water supply.

The durability and longevity of the pump are enhanced by the incorporation of high-quality sleeves and bearings, reducing friction and wear, thus ensuring smooth operation and minimizing maintenance requirements. The dynamically balanced rotating parts further contribute to stable and vibration-free operation, reducing stress on the components.

Additionally, the components of the Kirloskar KS6B-0815 Borewell Submersible Pump are coated with CED (Cathode Electro Deposition) to provide superior corrosion resistance, ensuring that the pump can withstand harsh water conditions and maintain its reliability over time.

The accompanying motor of the pump is designed to complement its efficient performance. It demonstrates minimal speed drop, ensuring consistent water delivery even under varying load conditions. The use of Teflon bearing provides excellent lubrication, further extending the motor’s lifespan and enhancing its durability.

The pump is equipped with a sand guard, which protects it from abrasive particles, preventing damage to the internal components and enhancing its overall longevity. The incorporation of glycol-mixed water helps maintain the motor’s temperature, ensuring optimal performance during extended usage.

The Kirloskar KS6B-0815 Borewell Submersible Pump stands as a testament to Kirloskar’s commitment to quality. Despite offering powerful performance and numerous advantages, this pump comes at a competitive price, making it an economical choice for water pumping needs. Kirloskar’s reputation for producing reliable and durable pumps is well-established, and this model exemplifies that legacy.

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