Kirloskar KS6B-0511 Borewell Submersible Pump, Power 5hp, Stage 11, Bore Size 150mm, Outlet Size 50mm

Irrigation in (horticulture & agriculture)
Sprinkler and drip irrigation
Water supplies for high rise buildings
Rural water supply
Domestic and community water supply

47,230.00 48,299.00

Introducing the Kirloskar KS6B 0511 – a powerful and reliable 5 HP, 150 mm, Three Phase Borewell Submersible Pump. This pump boasts an impressive array of features that make it stand out in the market.


Huge Savings in Electrical Consumption: The pump is designed for optimal energy efficiency, leading to significant cost savings in electrical consumption.

Capability to Withstand Wide Voltage Fluctuations: It can handle a wide range of voltage fluctuations, ensuring consistent performance even under varying power conditions.

Operates Equally Well with Genset: During power cuts, this pump operates efficiently with a generator, providing reliable water supply.

Non-Overloading Power Characteristics: The pump is engineered with non-overloading power characteristics to protect the motor from damage, ensuring its longevity.

Water Lubricated Bearings: The pump’s water lubricated bearings ensure years of service without the need for external lubrication.

Design of Non-Returnable Valve: The non-returnable valve design reduces friction, enhancing the pump’s overall efficiency.

Minimum Possible Diameters: With a compact design and minimum possible diameters, the pump is easy to install into borewells.

Dynamically Balanced Rotating Parts: The pump’s dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Nitrile Rubber Bushes: The use of nitrile rubber bushes ensures the pump’s resilience even when operating in muddy water conditions.

CED Coating Cast Iron Components: The cast iron components are coated with CED (Cathode Electro Deposition) to ensure long life and rust resistance.

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