Kirloskar KS6B-0509 50MM SSI 5 HP 150 MM Borewell Submersible Pumps

Irrigation in (horticulture & agriculture)
Sprinkler and drip irrigation
Water supplies for high rise buildings
Rural water supply
Domestic and community water supply

44,420.00 45,499.00

The Kirloskar Water Pump sets a benchmark as the finest water motor pump available in the market. Offering exceptional quality without compromising on performance, it stands out as a reliable choice for water pumping needs.

The pump boasts high efficiency, ensuring effective water pumping with minimal energy consumption. It is designed to operate effectively across a wide voltage range, making it suitable for various power supply conditions. With high-quality sleeves and bearings, the pump ensures smooth and efficient operations.

The dynamically balanced rotating parts contribute to its stable performance, reducing vibrations and enhancing durability. Additionally, the pump’s components are coated with CED (Cathode Electro Deposition) technology, providing superior corrosion resistance and ensuring a longer lifespan.

The motor, too, delivers outstanding performance with minimal speed drop, ensuring a consistent and reliable water supply. Equipped with Teflon bearings and a sand guard, it is built to handle tough conditions and extends the motor’s life. Moreover, the motor is designed to handle glycol-mixed water effectively, making it suitable for diverse applications.

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