Kirloskar KS4D-3017 3HP 4 Inch Borewell Water Filled Submersible Pump

Domestic and community water supply
Rural water supply
Gardening and small farm irrigation
Construction site
Water supplies for high rise building

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When it comes to fluid pumping, the Kirloskar KS4D 3017 3HP 4 Inch Borewell Water Filled Submersible Pump, D11810303380 stands out as an excellent choice. This pump offers efficient and reliable performance, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Key Features:

Impressive Head Range: With a head range of up to 351 meters, this pump is capable of delivering high-pressure pumping, ensuring effective fluid movement.

Single Phase Operation: Designed as a single-phase pump, it provides ease of use and convenient operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Reliable Water Discharge: The submersible pump is expertly designed with connected motors to ensure proper water discharge, facilitating smooth and efficient pumping operations.

Durability and Performance: Known for its durability and high performance, this pump is built to withstand challenging conditions, providing long-lasting service and reliable operation.

High Flow Rate: Equipped with a flow rate of up to 420 liters per minute (lpm), this pump efficiently handles fluid transfer tasks, ensuring quick and effective results.

Vertical Installation: This pump is designed for vertical installation, offering versatility and flexibility in fitting into various setups and locations.

Compact Design: The submersible pump features a compact design, making it space-efficient and facilitating a straightforward installation process.

Choose the Kirloskar KS4D 3017 3HP 4 Inch Borewell Water Filled Submersible Pump for its efficiency, durability, and high performance. With its impressive head range, single-phase operation, reliable water discharge, high flow rate, vertical installation capability, and compact design, it is an ideal solution for efficient fluid pumping needs.

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