Kirloskar KOSI 135 1.02 HP NII 10 m Cable – 1.02 HP

1. Domestic and community water supply
2. Gardening and small farm irrigation
3. Water fountains
4. Construction site
5. Water supply to over head tanks

13,480.00 13,899.00

KOSi pumps, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of Indian consumers. These pumps are built with a focus on lightweight and compact design, ensuring ease of use and installation. Not only do KOSi pumps deliver exceptional performance, but they also prioritize energy efficiency, resulting in significant reductions in power consumption.

One of the standout features of KOSi pumps is their ability to effectively handle electric overload problems arising from unpredictable power fluctuations. This capability ensures a reliable and uninterrupted operation, giving customers peace of mind.

To further enhance customer satisfaction, KOSi pumps come with KBL’s renowned industry standard certification. This certification serves as a testament to the pump’s superior quality and reliability, guaranteeing an optimal performance that customers can rely on.

Choose KOSi pumps for a seamless and efficient pumping experience that meets the specific demands of the Indian market.

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