Kirloskar kosi -123 openwell Submersible 1 hp Pump

1. Domestic and community water supply
2. Gardening and small farm irrigation
3. Water fountains
4. Construction site
5. Water supply to over head tanks

12,810.00 12,999.00

Open Well Submersible Pump – a versatile solution for various water-related applications. This pump is designed to be completely submerged in water, ensuring efficient performance and reliability. With its airtight seal, the Open Well Submersible Pump is suitable for a range of uses.

One of the primary applications of this pump is in irrigation and gardening. It enables the efficient distribution of water to crops, lawns, and gardens, ensuring optimal growth and healthy vegetation.

In addition, the Open Well Submersible Pump is well-suited for underground reservoirs and tanks in bungalows and apartments. It efficiently extracts water from these sources, providing a reliable supply for household needs.

Furthermore, this pump is ideal for use in sprinkler systems, effectively distributing water for landscape irrigation. It also finds application in fountains, adding a decorative touch to gardens, parks, and public spaces.

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