Kirloskar KDS 1040+ Three Phase 10HP Monoblock Pump Set

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Cooling towers
Clear water handling at high pressure in industries
Irrigation in horticulture & agriculture
Fire fighting

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Introducing the Kirloskar KDS 1040+ Centrifugal Pump, an exceptional three-phase pump tailored to cater to your industrial pumping requirements. Engineered with utmost precision, this pump exemplifies high quality and reliability. Equipped with a robust 10 HP motor, it delivers remarkable performance consistently. The pump boasts an 80 mm suction size, enabling efficient intake of substantial liquid volumes. Additionally, its 65 mm delivery size guarantees a smooth and steady flow rate for seamless operations. Crafted by the renowned Kirloskar brand, this centrifugal pump excels in durability and longevity, demonstrating exceptional endurance in demanding industrial environments. Rest assured, the Kirloskar KDS 1040+ Centrifugal Pump is the dependable choice for all your industrial pumping needs.

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