Kirloskar KDS 1030++ Three Phase 10HP Monoblock Pump Set

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Cooling towers
Clear water handling at high pressure in industries
Irrigation in horticulture & agriculture
Fire fighting

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Looking for a high-performance centrifugal pump that delivers exceptional reliability and consistent performance? Look no further than the Kirloskar KDS 1030++ Centrifugal Pump. As a key member of the Pumps & Motors parent category, this top-quality three-phase pump is engineered for use across various industrial and commercial settings, offering superior performance capabilities.

Key Features:

Impressive Power: The Kirloskar KDS 1030++ Centrifugal Pump boasts a robust motor power of 10HP and a power rating of 7.5 kW, delivering exceptional performance when you need it.

High-Volume Capacity: With a discharge range of 32-18 liters per second, this pump is suitable for high-volume applications, enabling it to handle even the most demanding requirements.

Consistent Flow Rates: The delivery size of 100 mm ensures that the flow rate remains consistent and efficient, providing a reliable supply of water, even in challenging environments.

Versatile Head Range: With its head range of 12-28m, this centrifugal pump is capable of pumping fluids to significant heights, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Choose the Kirloskar KDS 1030++ Centrifugal Pump for its exceptional power, high-volume capacity, and consistent performance. If you have questions or want to learn more about the product, don’t hesitate to ask.

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