Kirloskar KDS 1.525 + – 1.5 HP Single Phase Monoblock Pump

Domestic and community water supply
Rural water supply
Gardening and small farm irrigation
Construction site
Water supplies for high rise building

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Kirloskar KDS 1.525 + – 1.5 HP Single Phase Monoblock Pump, a versatile and reliable pumping solution. This pump is built to withstand wide voltage fluctuations, operating seamlessly within the range of 180-240V. With a suction lift capability of up to 7.5m, it effortlessly handles various pumping tasks.

One of its standout features is the top flat efficiency curve, ensuring consistent performance throughout its entire operating range. The pump achieves an efficiency level comparable to internationally available pumps, surpassing the minimum requirements set by Indian standards by up to 10 points. This translates to higher energy efficiency and cost savings.

The models in this series come with IP-44 protection and Class ‘B’ insulation, providing enhanced safety and insulation for the motor. This design feature reduces the risk of overloading and motor burning, ensuring a longer lifespan for the pump. Additionally, the pump is equipped with an automatic air release function during priming, streamlining the operation and improving efficiency.

To minimize vibrations and ensure smooth operation, the rotating parts of the pump are dynamically balanced. This feature protects the components from excessive wear and tear, guaranteeing reliable performance over an extended period.

Furthermore, the pump is designed with replaceable wearing parts, enabling easy maintenance and extending the overall lifespan of the product. With these features, the Kirloskar KDS 1.525 + – 1.5 HP Single Phase Monoblock Pump offers a dependable and durable solution for your pumping needs.

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