Kirloskar KDI-852++ 7.5HP Three Phase Monoblock Pumps

• Removing stagnant water from basement /
underground parkings / garages
• Draining accumulated storm water during monsoons
• Emptying water-tanks and pits for cleaning
• Waste water from kitchens, hotels, clubs
• Surplus water from sumps

46,320.00 47,599.00

The Kirloskar KDI-852++ Centrifugal Pump is a robust and dependable pump suitable for a wide range of applications. Its construction features a durable cast iron body material, ensuring longevity and reliability. Powered by a three-phase motor with a capacity of 7.5 HP, this pump delivers exceptional performance and efficiency.

Designed with superior protection in mind, the Kirloskar KDI-852++ Centrifugal Pump boasts an IP 55 protection class. This classification guarantees its resistance to dust and low-pressure water jets, making it suitable for safe operation in diverse environments. With a suction size of 65 mm, this pump efficiently draws in fluids, further enhancing its effectiveness.

Whether for industrial, agricultural, or commercial use, the Kirloskar KDI-852++ Centrifugal Pump is a dependable choice that delivers high performance and durability. Its robust design and protective features ensure its reliability and suitability for a variety of demanding applications.

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