Kirloskar JVSA-1305 12.5HP Vertical Openwell Submersible Pump

Irrigation in (horticulture & agriculture)
Sprinkler and drip irrigation
Water supplies for high rise buildings
Rural water supply
Domestic and community water supply

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Pumps play a pivotal role in fluid transportation, and the Kirloskar JVSA 1305 12.5HP Vertical Openwell Submersible Pump, T12861301151, is an exceptional choice for efficiency. With an impressive head range of 14 to 139 meters, this Three Phase pump ensures optimal fluid movement. Expertly connected to motors for efficient water ejection, this submersible pump is renowned for its durability and high performance.

Equipped with a remarkable flow rate of 120 to 960 liters per minute, this pump proves to be a powerful and reliable solution. Designed for vertical installation, it boasts a compact design that simplifies the installation process.

Embrace the Kirloskar JVSA 1305 Vertical Openwell Submersible Pump for unmatched convenience and excellence. Experience the reliability and efficiency that Kirloskar, a trusted name in the industry, brings to your fluid pumping needs.

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