Kirloskar HL 52 MS Eterna Hi-Lifter Rust Free Domestic Pump


Marine: Efficiently pumps water from docks, ports, and vessels.
Industrial: Ideal for handling petroleum products, chemicals, effluents, sewage, ash-water, and more.
Civil Construction: Suitable for dewatering foundations, trenches, and pits.
Mobile Machinery: Used for cooling marine engines and shovels.
Public Utilities: Effective in sewage pumping applications.

Additional Benefits:

Impeller made of bronze for enhanced durability.
Capable of withstanding wide voltage fluctuations.

22,830.00 22,999.00

Key Features:

Achieves efficiency at par with internationally available pumps.
Rapid automatic self-priming action.
Designed for automatic air release during priming.
Non-clogging impeller capable of handling suspended solids.
Back pull-out design enables repairs without disturbing the pipe connection (except SP’0′).
Portable when mounted on a trolley or trailer.
Suitable for engine or motor operation.
Eliminates the need for a foot valve.
Long lifespan due to replaceable wearing parts.
Dynamically balanced rotating parts minimize vibrations.
Easy maintenance and readily available spare parts.

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