Kirloskar Hasti 520lv 0.5 Hp Single Phase Monoblock Pump

Domestic and community water supply
Gardening and small farm irrigation
Lawn sprinklers
Water transfer and circulation

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Introducing the Kirloskar HASTI 520 LV monoblock pumps, specially crafted for efficiently pumping small volumes of fluid. Their compact and space-saving design makes them the perfect choice for laboratory applications and other situations where size and weight are crucial considerations.

Comprising a motor, an impeller, and a casing, this mini-monoblock pump operates with precision. The motor connects to the impeller through a rotating shaft, propelling the impeller at high speeds. The impeller, equipped with blades or vanes, effectively moves the liquid from one side to the other, generating pressure within the pump and driving more liquid into it. As long as there is a sufficient amount of liquid in front of the impeller blades to maintain their movement, they will continue to rotate at high speeds, increasing the pressure within the pump and pushing more liquid until it reaches its capacity.

The casing serves as a protective cover for these vital components, shielding them from potential damage while also dissipating heat through conduction, aided by its metal housing. Typically crafted from durable materials like aluminum or plastic, this type of pump is widely used in cooling systems, irrigation systems, automotive engines, and various applications requiring high-pressure liquid flow.

Reliable, efficient, and space-efficient, the Kirloskar HASTI 520 LV monoblock pump is your go-to solution for precise and controlled fluid pumping in compact settings, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

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