Kirloskar GMC 128 Plus 1HP Three Phase Monoblock Pump

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Cooling towers
Clear water handling at high pressure in industries
Irrigation in horticulture & agriculture
Fire fighting

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The Kirloskar Centrifugal Pump is a premium-grade product meticulously crafted to deliver optimal performance in industrial applications. Equipped with a robust three-phase motor boasting a power of 1 HP, this pump excels in delivering exceptional pumping capabilities. Operating at a speed of 3000 rpm, it ensures efficient and reliable performance.

Designed to operate at a voltage of 415 V, the Kirloskar Centrifugal Pump is suitable for a wide range of industrial settings, offering versatility and compatibility. Its head range spans from 14 to 28 meters, enabling it to handle diverse pumping requirements.

Whether you need to pump water at low or high pressures, this pump is designed to meet your specific needs. It offers reliable performance and efficient operation, making it an excellent choice for demanding industrial applications.

With its durable construction and high-quality components, the Kirloskar Centrifugal Pump guarantees long-lasting performance, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring a smooth pumping process. Trust in its capabilities to deliver consistent results in your industrial operations.

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