Kirloskar GMC 1.525+ End Suction Monoblock Pump, Speed 3000rpm, Power 1.5hp, Phase 3, Size (SUC. x DEL.) 50 x 40mm

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Cooling towers
Clear water handling at high pressure in industries
Irrigation in horticulture & agriculture
Fire fighting

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Suction Lift Capability: These pumps offer a suction lift of up to 7.5 meters, ensuring efficient water intake even in challenging conditions.

Top-Flat Efficiency Curve: The pumps boast a top-flat efficiency curve, providing minimal variation in efficiency across the entire operating range. This guarantees consistent and optimal performance.

Overload and Motor Burning Protection: The design of the pumps includes features that prevent overloading and motor burning, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

IP-44 Protection and Class ‘B’ Insulation: With IP-44 protection and Class ‘B’ insulation, the pumps are well shielded against dust and water ingress, ensuring durability and longevity.

Convenient Capacitor Placement: The pumps are designed with the capacitor housed inside the terminal box for easy access and maintenance.

Shield Ball Bearings for Life: Fitted with shield ball bearings that are lubricated for life, the pumps minimize maintenance requirements while providing smooth and efficient operation.

Minimal Vibration: The dynamically balanced rotating parts of the pumps ensure minimum vibration, reducing wear and tear and enhancing overall performance.

Replaceable Wearing Parts: These pumps are equipped with replaceable wearing parts, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Automatic Air Release: The pumps are specifically designed for automatic air release during priming, simplifying the setup process and ensuring efficient operation.

CED Coated Wetted Components: The wetted components of the pumps are coated with CED (Cathodic Electro Deposition), offering long life and rust-free operation. This coating technology provides enhanced durability.

Hygienic and Potable: The Mark Pumps are suitable for drinking water applications, ensuring a more hygienic and potable water supply.

Versatile Applications: These pumps find application in various areas, including gardening and small farm irrigation, clear water handling in industries, and water supply for domestic use in apartments, buildings, and hotels.

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