Kirloskar GMC 1.514+ End Suction Monoblock Pump, Power Rating 2hp, Size 50 x 50mm, Speed 3000rpm, Series KDS

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Cooling towers
Clear water handling at high pressure in industries
Irrigation in horticulture & agriculture
Fire fighting

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Mark Pumps, designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With a suction lift capability of up to 7.5 meters, these pumps excel in various applications. They feature a top-flat efficiency curve, ensuring minimal variation in efficiency across the entire operating range.

The Mark Pumps are engineered to prevent overloading and motor burning, prioritizing safety and longevity. With IP-44 protection and Class ‘B’ insulation, these pumps offer robust protection against dust and water ingress. The capacitor is conveniently housed inside the terminal box for easy access.

Equipped with shield ball bearings lubricated for life, these pumps minimize maintenance requirements and ensure smooth operation. The dynamically balanced rotating parts guarantee minimum vibration, contributing to a quieter and more efficient pumping experience.

With replaceable wearing parts, the Mark Pumps offer an extended lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, they are designed for automatic air release during priming, simplifying the setup process.

The wetted components of the Mark Pumps are coated with CED (Cathodic Electro Deposition) for enhanced durability, providing a rust-free operation and long-lasting performance. Moreover, these pumps are more hygienic and suitable for potable water applications, making them ideal for drinking water supply in apartments, buildings, and hotels.

Whether it’s gardening and small farm irrigation or handling clear water in industrial settings, the Mark Pumps are a reliable choice. Trust in their efficiency, longevity, and performance for your various water pumping needs.

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