Kirloskar DC-4M Single Phase Monoblock Pump

Domestic and community water supply
Gardening and small farm irrigation
Lawn sprinklers
Water transfer and circulation

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Introducing the Kirloskar DC-4M Single Phase Monoblock Pump, a powerful and efficient water pumping solution that offers a range of exceptional features to ensure top-notch performance:

Wide Voltage Design:
This pump is designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations, ranging from 350 to 440 volts, safeguarding the motor from burning during low voltage scenarios.

Overload Prevention:
With an ingenious design, the motor remains protected from overloading even when the pump operates at a head lower than recommended. This feature leads to substantial cost savings by reducing maintenance and breakdowns.

Dynamically Balanced Rotating Parts:
Experience minimal vibrations, providing protection to the components during operation, and maintaining consistent performance through excellent concentricity.

Replaceable Wearing Parts:
Easy maintenance is ensured, as all wearing parts within the pump are easily accessible and replaceable, extending the pump’s life and enhancing its efficiency.

Automatic Air Release:
The pump automatically releases air during startup, guaranteeing swift and smooth operations. This eliminates the need for manual air release cock and ensures seamless functionality.

CED – Cathodic Electro Deposition:
This pump is equipped with the latest CED coating technology, offering superior corrosion resistance with a uniform coating. It provides 5 times more protection than conventional painting, leading to a longer pump life. Moreover, all major CI parts of Kirloskar pumps in contact with water are CED coated, ensuring durability.

Shielded Ball Bearing:
Enjoy a low-noise operation, as the pump is fitted with shielded ball bearings, eliminating the need for external lubrication throughout its life cycle.

High Efficiency and Energy Saving Design:
Crafted with innovation at a state-of-the-art plant, this pump delivers optimum efficiency with lower energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings.

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