Kirloskar 0.8 HP Pressure Booster Pump CPBS-62824V


Lifting water to apartments and bungalows.
Pumping water from shallow wells and tanks.
Suitable for pressure boosting systems.

28,950.00 29,199.00

The Kirloskar Voltage Range Single Phase Pumps are designed to operate within a voltage range of 180-240V, with a rated voltage of 220V. These pumps are specifically engineered for single-phase power supply, catering to a variety of applications that require water pressure enhancement.

These versatile pumps find extensive use in water pressure boosting systems, ensuring consistent water flow and pressure. They are also well-suited for multi-jet shower panels, providing an invigorating and refreshing shower experience. Additionally, these pumps are highly reliable for domestic utility water supply, ensuring a steady water source for household needs.

The Kirloskar Voltage Range Single Phase Pumps are equally effective for vehicle washing, delivering the necessary water pressure to clean vehicles efficiently. Moreover, they can be used for small fountains, creating beautiful water displays with adequate water pressure. Kitchenware washing is another application where these pumps excel, providing ample water pressure for thorough and efficient cleaning.

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