Crompton Mini Champ Plus II 0.5 HP Single Phase Self Priming Domestic Monoblock Pump

Water supply in residential bungalows,garages,flats,hotels,clubs,hospital.
Sprinkler and drip irrigation
Water supplies for high rise buildings
Booster Applications
Water feeding in solar system

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Presenting the Crompton 0.5 HP Mini Champ II Water Pump, designed to deliver exceptional performance for a range of applications. With a peak flow rate of 25 LPM and a discharge range of 34 – 7 mm, this pump demonstrates its versatility in various industrial scenarios, including irrigation systems, fish tanks, ponds, waterfalls, and more. Crafted with an aluminum motor body, it strikes a balance between lightweight design and robust durability.

The Crompton 0.5 HP Mini Champ II Water Pump emerges as an optimal choice for tasks requiring substantial water pumping, whether in residential or industrial settings. It effortlessly handles significant water volumes and higher output demands. With a discharge capacity of 34 – 7 LPM at 1.5 Mtrs head pressure, it’s a dependable solution for varied requirements.

Its compact form factor and adaptable construction make it a preferred option in commercial and agricultural domains. The inclusion of an aluminum body and an impeller adorned with metallic blades ensures its extended longevity. Furthermore, the pump features a 25 x 25 mm diameter discharge pipe for efficient water delivery.


What sets the Crompton Pump apart in terms of features?
The Crompton Pump is known for its high power, commendable flow rate, and exceptional durability. Noteworthy features include a distribution mechanism with four in a box, a heavy-duty impeller, rubber foot for stability, and user-friendly installation.

Is this Pump user-friendly?
Absolutely, the Crompton 0.5 HP Mini Water Pump is characterized by its excellent quality and straightforward installation process, making it an excellent choice for garden applications. With a power rating of 0.37 KW, discharge ranging from 34 – 7 LPM, and a 0.5 HP power, its impeller is crafted from brass. The aluminum casting of the motor body ensures sturdiness, while the pump’s head can reach heights of 6 – 24 Mtrs, catering to diverse elevation needs.

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