Crompton CMB052SV 0.5 HP Single Phase Self Priming Domestic Monoblock Pump

Water supply in residential bungalows,garages,flats,hotels,clubs,hospital.
Sprinkler and drip irrigation
Water supplies for high rise buildings
Booster Applications
Water feeding in solar system

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The Water Motor Pump serves as a common and essential component within septic tank systems, facilitating the efficient pumping of effluent from domestic sewage systems. Crompton, renowned for its reliability and robust design, presents a pump that exemplifies these qualities. This pump is engineered to withstand heavy-duty applications, ensuring prolonged and uninterrupted operational life.

Designed to cater to diverse residential needs, the Water Motor Pump finds its application in an array of scenarios, including water supply to Residential Bungalows, Garages, Flats, Dairies, Hotels, Laundries, Clubs, and Hospitals, among others.

Presenting the Crompton CMB052SV 0.5 HP Water Motor Pump, expertly crafted by Crompton Pneumatics. This robust and compact water pump boasts a stainless steel body and a motor made of cast iron. Driven by a 0.5 HP electric motor, this pump is capable of delivering a maximum pressure of 27 LPM at a head of 40 meters. The pump is thoughtfully designed with a fully enclosed casing, ensuring protection and reliability. Moreover, it features an integrated control panel, allowing for automatic operation based on preset conditions, such as detecting increased water flow or temperature variations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Speed Parameter: The pump operates at a speed of 3000 RPM.

Voltage Specification: The pump operates within a voltage range of 180-240 V.

Frequency Details: The pump functions at a frequency of 50-60 Hz.

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