Crompton Aquagold 50-30 0.5 HP Single Phase Domestic Monoblock Pump

Water supply in residential bungalows,garages,flats,hotels,clubs,hospital.
Sprinkler and drip irrigation
Water supplies for high rise buildings
Booster Applications
Water feeding in solar system

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The Self-Priming Monoblock Pump stands as a valuable asset from the renowned brand Crompton. Crompton, a well-established company, is renowned for offering a diverse array of premier products, including immersion rods, instant water heaters, electric kettles, monoblock pumps, and more. Weighing 7.64 kg, the Self-Priming Monoblock Pump boasts dimensions of 30 x 25 x 20 cm. With a pipe size of 15 x 15 mm and a motor shaft crafted from top-tier stainless steel, this pump is built for enduring performance. Featuring a mechanical seal and TEFC enclosure type, it incorporates an SS casing with a head range spanning 6 to 27 meters. Its impeller material is brass, and it operates at a power of 0.37 kW. Operating and maintaining this pump is effortless. It finds application in diverse scenarios such as car washing, water circulation in heating systems, clubs, laundries, booster applications, residential bungalows, and ornamental fountains. The pump comes with a 12-month warranty on the pump itself and a 6-month warranty on the controller. Its motor body is expertly constructed from pressure die-cast aluminum.


Is the Self-Priming Monoblock Pump safe to use?
Yes, the Self-Priming Monoblock Pump is designed with safety in mind and is safe to use.

Is operating the Self-Priming Monoblock Pump easy?
Certainly, the Self-Priming Monoblock Pump is designed for easy operation, ensuring user convenience.

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