Crompton 4VO8RE0.5 0.5 HP Submersible Pump Set

Water supply in residential bungalows,garages,flats,hotels,clubs,hospital.
Sprinkler and drip irrigation
Water supplies for high rise buildings
Booster Applications
Water feeding in solar system

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The Crompton 0.5 HP Submersible Pump Set 4VO8RE0.5 is a reliable and efficient water pump designed for both shallow and deep wells. Its key features include a high-quality mechanical seal that enhances durability and longevity. Additionally, it boasts a low power consumption thanks to high-grade electrical stamping CRNGO-M47 (cold rolled non-grain oriented), reducing electrical losses and boosting pump efficiency.

This submersible pump set is well-suited for withstanding back pressure without any damage, thanks to its built-in check valve, which effectively manages sudden back pressure and prevents harm to the pump.

The Crompton 0.5 HP Submersible Pump Set is equipped with an oil-filled motor, IP-54 protection for added safety, NBR/FKM rubber internal components for reliability, and a high-efficiency impeller for improved performance. It is compatible with 100 mm boreholes and has an impressive discharge range of 10-40 LPM, with the capacity to reach a head of 42-20 meters.

Crompton, a brand with a rich history and a strong reputation for high quality, reliability, exceptional engineering prowess, and thoughtful product design, instills a deep sense of trust among consumers.

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Power Rating:0.5kw/0.37hp
Head: 20-38
Discharge : 40-10(LTR Per MIN)
No Of Stages: 8
Outlet size : 32

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